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Monday, January 17, 2011

My random musing on music in the world of lifting

When I'm in the gym, aggressively fighting off my gag reflexes during the brutal sets of curls in the squat rack that I perform nearly every workout (to increase my amount of testosterone flowing through my veins), the only thing that keeps me from going postal is my music.

Music is the perfect gym companion for anyone from the casual fitness seeker to the most aesthetic blob of muscle in existence (ie: Houssein Rezazadeh). After all, it does have a lot of psychological benefits ranging from minimizing depression to helping us sleep deprived college students finish that final paper 15 minutes before it's due. But most importantly, music unleashes that cell-tech infused monster lying within all of us, well only those lucky enough to be born with a y-chromosome.

For our safety, we can just pretend this heavenly blessed beauty is a card-carrying member of the y-chromosome club...

As far as lifting is concerned, any type of music that can give you a solid rush of adrenaline or extra stamina should be considered good lifting music (unless of course this includes anything enjoyed by 12 year old girls). But for me, there's really only one genre that gives me that intense rush of adrenaline allowing me to feel like I'm conquering the iron like a champ (or finishing my set of bosu-ball squats). The genre I'm talking about is metal, which probably comes as no surprise to most. I generally abide by the rule of- the more brutal the music, the better. I can't speak for bodybuilders, mostly because I'm a skinny pos, but every strength-athlete that I've known seems to agree with me that metal's the only genre powerful enough to allow you to piss in the cheerios of gravity.

Ronnie Coleman destroying his quads like a man
The not-so-local powerlifting gym that I go to when I'm home from school also seems to agree with the notion that metal rules in the world of lifting. My first time entering the dungeon of the iron-empire (literally) (, I was welcomed to the refreshing soundtrack of blood pumping, testosterone infused metal- it was heaven on earth considering it was my first gym experience lacking the ear molestation via estrogen ridden top-40 hits that most commercial gyms force upon you.

A few of my favorite lifting bands include: As Blood Runs Black, Metallica, Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive, Amon Amarth, Isengard, Opeth, Float Face Down, Immortal, As I Lay Dying, Katatonia, Gorgoroth, and many more. One odd thing that I've noticed: I can't usually enjoy most of these bands unless I'm lifting. Maybe they're too brutal for me and I'm a bitch? Or maybe it's because I'm on the verge of being a pompous audiophile, either way, in the right time and place <3 metal.

Unlike this guy and this girl ( <3), I'm not Norwegian which might explain a lot

What bands do you guys like to lift to? Why?


  1. That dude squatting on the medicine ball.. WTF is he thinking? That's dangerous

  2. I personally listen to enimem songs when I lift. Gives him the pumps without being too distracting.

  3. I don't know about you guys but Rod Stewart really gets me pumped up for lifting (no homo).

  4. I personally lift to hip hop r and b, mainsteam, or underground. I like jogging to music that has no lyrics so then i dont waste my breathe lip syncing lol

  5. hardcore gangsta rap and trance...check out my blog and show some love

  6. nice blog! good stuff!

  7. I'm pretty sure God hates Lady Gaga.

  8. I actually like Lady Gaga ._.


  9. For me it has to be dubstep with a heavy grimy bass line. That really gets me going in the gym.

    I'm at

  10. gotcha guys back, sorry for the delay :)

  11. lol'd at the first pic. come at me brah