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Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Post...

OK I've never written a blog before but I'm bored and this is free- so yea.  For now this is just gonna be my workout/recovery log, but if all goes well I'll probably end up making it a life blog in general too.  To my brahs (<3) who followed my log on this is gonna be pretty much the same and I'll try to stay as consistent as possible.

I guess I should start off by giving some background first in case you're interested...

Started lifting about a year and a half ago and made some pretty decent progress:

Start/Current (as of early dec.)

Weight: 140-180 @ 8-10%
Bench: 85?/190
Squat: 125/355 :)
Deadlift: 190/445

I got into a powerlifting style split and started going to a powerlifting gym last year during late-spring/early-summer which helped a ton, but I had to stop going because I started college.  Anyway, that's my lifting history, now for the second part of this blog...

In September I hurt lower back during my deadlift warmups probably because I wasn't paying close enough attention to my form or some shit, so I took a one month break from deads.  I felt better so I started back up with them and all was well, until out of nowhere my back started hurting again.  Except this time, it hurt way worse than it did when I first pulled it.  I'm now at the point where doing everyday tasks is painful so I need to do something about it obviously.  I still have a few more days before I go back for the second semester, so I'm gonna go to a chiropractor and hopefully that'll help.  In addition to that, I'll be doing some exercises given to me by my aunt who's a physical therapist.  Anyway, I'm back to hardcore lifting starting next monday, so if you wanna follow the workouts feel free (comment mofos).

So yea I think that's it, I'll be logging everything about my workouts and recovery shit and we'll see where this blog takes me.  Oh and you follow me = I follow you.  Nomsayin?


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  2. Thank you sir. brb following/posting/supporting yours...

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